Curriculum vitae

Publications and Presentations

Nikolich, Katrina, William D. Halliday, Matthew K. Pine, Kieran Cox, Morgan Black, Corey Morris, and Francis Juanes. 2021. “The Sources and Prevalence of Anthropogenic Noise in Rockfish Conservation Areas with Implications for Marine Reserve Planning.” Marine Pollution Bulletin 164 (March): 112017.

Mouy, Xavier, Morgan Black, Kieran Cox, Jessica Qualley, Callum Mireault, Stan Dosso, and Francis Juanes. 2020. “FishCam : A Low-Cost Open Source Autonomous Camera for Aquatic Research.” HardwareX 8. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ohx.2020.e00110.

Holmes, K., Cox, K., Cline, A. R., Hatch, M. B., Black, M. J., Salomon, A. K., Lepofsky, D., Smith, N.F., & Dudas, S. (2020). Ancient Ecology: The Quadra Island Clam Gardens. Fisheries, 45(3), 151-156.

Mouy, X., Black, M., Cox, K., Qualley, J., Juanes, F., & Dosso, S. E. (2019). Identifying fish sounds of British Columbia with an autonomous audio and video array. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 146(4), 2854-2855.

Black, M. J. (2018). Fishing Lessons–Artisanal Fisheries and the Future of Our Oceans Kevin M. Bailey. University of Chicago Press, 2018. 224 pages. REVIEW Fisheries, 43(10), 497-497.

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Chalifour, L., Black, M. J., Cox, K., Schroeder, S., & Juanes, F. (2017). Ecology of Salmonids in Estuaries around the World: Adaptations, Habitats and Conservation Colin D. Levings University of British Columbia Press 2016. Vancouver, 388 pp. REVIEW. Fish and Fisheries, 18(4), 790-791.


Conferences and Presentations (*indicates presenting author)

Nikolich, K., Black, M., Cox, K, Qualley, J., Halliday, W, Juanes, F.* Characterizing the anthropogenic soundscapes of fisheries closures to inform the recovery of at-risk fish stocks. Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life. July 2019. Netherlands

Black, M.J.*, Dudas, S., Juanes, F. Fish and motile invertebrates of First Nations’ clam gardens. Ecological Society of Australia. November 2018. Brisbane, Australia

Black, M.J.* Invited speaker – VicNHS Marine Night—Fish and motile invertebrates of First Nations’ clam gardens. October 2018. Victoria, B.C.

Black, M.J.* Invited speaker – Floating Ideas Lecture—Ancient First Nation Clam Gardens. Shaw Center for the Salish Sea. April 2018. Sidney, B.C.

Black, M.*, Salomon, A., Juanes, F., Dudas, S. The value of ancient habitat modifications: Macrofaunal communities of First Nations’ clam gardens. Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution. May 2017. Victoria, B.C.

Black, M.*, Dudas, S., Juanes, F. Mo clams, mo fish? Fish and mobile invertebrate communities of First Nation’s clam gardens. Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference. February 2016. Bamfield, B.C.

Dudas, S.E.*, Cox, K.D., Black, M. Shellfish Aquaculture: Past, present, and future. Hakai Research Exchange, Nanaimo, British Columbia, November 2016

Black, M.*, Simms, W. Invited public talks to disseminate findings of honours thesis research on designing artificial roosting structures for bats in British Columbia. 2005-2007. Various venues, British Columbia.


  • W. Gordon Fields Memorial Fellowship $1900
  • President’s Research Scholarship 2020 UVic Graduate Research Award $5,000
  • University of Victoria 2019 Graduate Award $ 2,320
  • President’s Research Scholarship 2019 UVic Graduate Research Award $4,000
  • President’s Research Scholarship 2018 UVic Graduate Research Award $4,000
  • CFUW/FCFDU Dr. Margaret McWilliams Pre-Doctoral Fellowship $11,000
  • The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) 2018-2021 Postgraduate Scholarship- Doctoral (PGS D) $21,000/year
  • University of Victoria 2016-2017 Graduate Award ~$4,600/year
  • Hakai Institute 2016-2017 Scholarship $23,000/year
  • Hakai Institute 2016-2017 Research Funding $50,000
  • Vancouver Island University Don Duncan Memorial Award 2015 $500
  • Vancouver Island Student Union Award 2015 $500
  • CFUW Parkville Return to School Award 2014 $2,000
  • Vancouver Island Student Union Award 2005 $500

Experience and Skills

Academic Teaching/Supervisory experience

• January – April 2019 – Laboratory Instructor – Biol 335 – Ichthyology. Prof. Tom Reimchen
• September 2018 – April 2019: Co-supervision of honours thesis Talen Rimmer.
• January – April 2018 – Laboratory Instructor – Biol 335 – Ichthyology. Prof. Tom Reimchen
• September 2017 – April 2018: Co-supervision of honours thesis Chrissy Schellenberg
• January – April 2017 – Laboratory Instructor – Biol 335 – Ichthyology. Prof. Tom Reimchen
• January – April 2017 – Co-supervision of directed studies student, Hailey Davies
• September – December 2016 – Laboratory Instructor – Biol 321 – Introduction to Invertebrates. Prof. Louise Page
• January – April 2016: Co-supervision of a directed studies student, Rylan Command.


Lead Scientific Diver – Feb 2019 – current – University of Victoria Fisheries Ecology and Marine Conservation Lab – Identifying fish sounds of British Columbia with an autonomous audio and video array. Supervised by Prof. Francis Juanes and Dr. Stan Dosso

Lead Scientific Diver – Jan 2018 – June 2019 – University of Victoria Fisheries Ecology and Marine Conservation Lab – Soundscapes in Rockfish Conservation Areas in the Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada. Supervised by Dr. Francis Juanes

Scientific Engagement Coordinator – May 2017 – present – University of Victoria
Develop and facilitate a place-based eco-cultural science program for Indigenous youth. Funded by NSERC PromoScience, The Horner Foundation, and the Aboriginal Services Plan. Supervised by Prof. John Taylor and project manager Maeve Lydon

Lead Scientist and Scientific Diver – 2016 – Vancouver Island University Center for Shellfish Research, University of Victoria Fisheries Ecology and Marine Conservation Lab – Assessment of anthropogenic structures as fish and invertebrate habitat in Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada. Supervised by Dr. Francis Juanes and Dr. Sarah Dudas

Vancouver Island University Center for Shellfish Research – 2015 – Research assistant
Working with a diverse group of people as part of the Ecological Interactions Research Program, we conducted extensive intertidal biodiversity surveys on Vancouver Island and the central coast of British Columbia. Supervised by Dr. Sarah Dudas


PhD. candidate UVic Biology- Hakai Scholar – Jan 2016 – current
Transferred from Master’s to Doctoral program September, 2017
Quantifying the biodiversity of fish and mobile invertebrates using First Nations ancient clam garden structures along the BC coast. Supervised by Dr. Francis Juanes (UVIC), and working with Dr. Sarah Dudas (DFO, UVic, National Research Chair Emeritus.)

Post-degree technology diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture
Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo BC – completion April 2015
Project – Fish and Invertebrate Health – Determining salt tolerances of Tenacibaculum maritimum, determining more biochemical characteristics and identification techniques, and developing a better understanding of pleomorphism and distribution along B.C. coast. Supervised by Prof. Duane Barker

Bachelor of Science, Biology
Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC – 2000-2005
Undergraduate thesis: Assessing temperature conditions of insulated bat houses in a temperate climate. Supervised by Dr. Wendy Simms